We are looking for highly reliable people 21 years of age or older to assist as Reentry Advisors, to come in once a week, meet with prisoners, and research their requests. This is excellent experience for aspiring social workers, educators, counselors, and law students. Fun, challenging, and truly inspirational. We are looking for a 1-year commitment. Time commitment per week: approximately 3 hours on site, plus 3-5 hours of research. We especially need Spanish speakers.

You will be required to attend two 2-hour trainings and submit your resume, a volunteer questionnaire, and data for a background check. The orientation will cover prison rules and regulations and give an overview of the program and programming in prisons in general.

We also need people to assist with our parole clothing program — for soliciting donations, picking them up, sorting, packaging and mailing.

Please contact us at

volunteer [at] ca-reentry.org

for more details.